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Painting restoration & repair services in Ilkley

We can restore your paintings and antique frames, returning them to their former glory. Contact us for more information. We serve customers across Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

Art restoration services

Coopers of Ilkley Restoration was established in 1910. Since then, we have carried out countless restoration services for antique objects including vintage furniture and old paintings. Our craftsmen have the experience and expertise to undertake restoration work for all types of paintings, including oils, watercolours and more. We can also value your artwork.

Restorer Using Scalpel

How do you restore artwork?

Art restoration is a very delicate process, it attempts to return the painting back to its original condition and there are a number of steps in restoration:

  • Test clean and scan to check for any previous work, we would then consult with you

  • Total clean

  • Stretchers and re-lining 

  • Retouching

  • Varnishing and finishing

If your paintings are looking a little the worse for wear, our artwork restoration service will bring them back to life


 Contact us at our Furniture Repair Shop in Ilkley

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