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18th century table clock

Antique and Modern Clock
repairs & restoration in Ilkley

Has your clock stopped working? Contact our horologists at Coopers of Ilkley Restoration. We undertake clock repair services at affordable prices. Clock mechanism repair and case restoration are a speciality, along with free collection and delivery in Yorkshire.

Repair services for modern and antique clocks

Unsure why your clock has stopped working? Don't worry. Our Horologist has the skills and experience to find faults and fix them in no time. We can then repair the case and touch up the dial if required. Our repair services are available for both modern and antique clocks. For instance, bracket clocks, grandfather clocks, mantel clocks, and carriage clocks. You can come to us or we can collect clocks free of charge from anywhere in Yorkshire and return them back to you once the repair is complete. We will even put them in situ and set them up for you! Contact us for a free estimate.

Antique carved wood grandfather clock in dining room
Antique striking clock

Our repair and restoration services include:

  • Long cased clocks

  • Mantel clocks

  • Repeater clocks

  • Regulator clocks

  • Carriage clocks 

  • Pendulum clocks

  • Wall clocks

  • Antique novelty clocks

Please contact us regarding any other mechanism or barometer type instruments.

For large clocks including long cased clocks, collection & delivery within Yorkshire are free and part of our service.


 Contact us at our Furniture Repair Shop in Ilkley

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