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Mirror restoration & repairs in Ilkley

Expert mirror repair services. Get in touch with us at Coopers of Ilkley Restoration. We serve customers in Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.

Mirror Repairs

We repair and restore a wide range of items including broken mirrors. Whether it is the frame that needs fixing or if it is the glass that needs to be replaced or re-silvered, you can rely on us for everything. We will provide you with a quick and effective service at all times. In addition to this, you can also contact us if you need our repair services for metal ware, paintings, or desk and table leathers.

Mirrors on orange wall
Vintage interior with a mirror in a beautiful frame

What is mirror re-silvering?

If your beautiful old mirror has dark spots beneath the glass surface then this is when it would need re silvering. The process involves replacing the silver layer behind the glass, this layer is made from pure elemental silver, not a paint. Please note this will not remove any faults or scratches on the exterior of the mirror glass.  ​

Restore your mirror to it's original glory with Coopers of Ilkley. Estimates, collection & delivery are free and part of our service.


  Contact us at our Furniture Repair Shop in Ilkley

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